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THE FINAL SPECIMEN is a 2D sci-fi adventure game in the style of the classic platformers of the early '90s.  Packed with whimsical settings and eccentric characters, this energetic, challenging title brings a humorous and exciting take to old-school gaming.  Its colorful, crazy world comes alive as you run, jump, and swing your way across a plethora of visually unique and thematically distinctive levels.

THE FINAL SPECIMEN is a game like no other.  Each of its levels has a life of its own, each of its enemies a personality.  The terrain ranges from the grassy to the mountainous to the aquatic to the mechanical.  From rope swings to grappling hooks, there is no shortage of new tools you can discover to aid you in your progress.  And if the ability to punch your enemies' lights out isn't enough, you can also collect ammunition - your own personal arsenal of pocket bombs.

The game begins when a young earthling is transported to a distant planet. After facing sudden assault from the world's inhabitants, he soon finds out that his arrival is no coincidence. What he learns sets him off on a mission to prevent the annihilation of the planet - and the subsequent conquest of earth by a nefarious alien mastermind. 

You are the only human who has the power.  You are the culmination of years of alien experimentation. You are THE FINAL SPECIMEN.

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