THE FINAL SPECIMEN is the story of a young earthling named Thomas who is transported to the deep reaches of space when a freak meteor shower hits his home planet. He awakes in an intergalactic highway comprised of a sprawling network of tubes. After barely surviving the treacherous maze, he arrives on the planet Groovitopeler, where he immediately notices its inhabitants are none other than humans. Soon, however, it becomes clear that these folks are not the welcoming committee. They have been tricked into thinking Thomas is an agent from earth, sent here to wipe out the population. After Thomas convinces them that he is innocent, they point him in the direction of an enigmatic alien and his elderly human companion.

Our hero treks across the city of Doofusville, only to witness the two drop a bomb and flee the scene. Thomas barely survives the subsequent collapse of the cityscape, ducking into a pizza shop for cover. As the familiar sound of a police siren sounds in the distance, he realizes that he will surely be blamed for the bombing by anyone who doesn't know of his innocence.

And so begins a mystery that will slowly unravel over the course of game, leading to the unveiling of an ancient truth that will threaten the very existence of the human race.

Featuring bright, detailed backgrounds, a soundtrack that fuses arcade music with elements of heavy metal, big band, and house, and an explosive array of speed, action and mystery, THE FINAL SPECIMEN is a game that will thrill you at every turn.



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